Pity Protection/Facade/Its Always All About Dicks

That’s the worst part is she pities me too much

To be honest because she doesn’t want to crush me with the

Truth that she would rather have

A dick and balls she can carry

Around town without having

People stare, frown, disapprove

Without her family calling her and telling her

Conspiracy theories and being worried about

The man hater in the room

The man hater who identifies as a man that

People hate to acknowledge for who I really am

Just a man. Who hates being treated

More what they see than what I am. I am not

A pitiful version of a man, I am a man.

I pity those who can’t appreciate me

For all the man that I am

And I pity men who are reduced to their

Genitalia but weirdly the way I’ve noticed things

In society

None of the men care about being reduced to their genitalia

Unless they’re loved because of them.

Which brings me to my lifelong

Everlasting gobstopping pain dilemma —

Everyone I date loves me for being masculine and

Everyone I date leaves me for men with

Dicks and balls and easier time strolling through

The public facade—

At the end of the day

It’s all about dicks —

Who has one and who doesn’t.

No matter who you are or where you identify it’s just fucking

Dicks and balls.

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