All the playlists from the music episodes.

At the moment– I don’t keep a record of all the songs I play in the background of each episode. TBH I improv all of that in one take, and usually play whatever is stuck in my head. That being said– all of the songs that get stuck in my head are almost always end up on a playlist at some point. If it doesn’t end up on a music episode playlist, I put it on the “MAI Random Gems” playlist.

So, everything gets put on a playlist. I want to promote the artists and their music as much as possible. I have no interest in taking credit for any of their work, I only take credit for being inspired.

I continuously edit the playlists. Some of them I don’t listen to for a while, those sit dusty, but I usually circle back and change stuff eventually.

There is so much queer music from 2000-now that I have a really hard time categorizing it. I don’t have complete playlists for that yet, and I think perhaps I’ll have to do it artist by artist.

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