Podcast Planning

Hello, universe.


I’ve got loads of episodes I want to do.

I will publish the ideas here

Mostly for accountability but also

I need to sort some things out and

WordPress is the best place to do this

Because I usually see it, disagree, and then

Actually do what I want to do.

Will it be what I write down here?

Stop bullying me.

K. Onward.


Episodes I already have partially planned–


Music Series 1960’s

Music Series 1970’s

“First Period” Review

Music Series 1980’s

Music Series 1990’s

Music Series Tegan and Sara

Music Series Ani Difranco

Music Series Dolly Parton

Episodes I very much want to plan/do–

Any and All sex topics





Porn/Porn Addiction

“Trailer Park Boys” Review

“Dragula” Review

“Camp WannaKiki” Review


If I can find more stuff, I would love to do a whole episode on Demisexuality

Sapiosexuality? People are so upset about this



honestly I could have a whole podcast

where I just come up with ideas

for podcasts

and never do them

that’s where I’m at with all this tbh



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