Poet Apology

I think I’m gonna stop posting the poems on the facebook page

But I don’t want to, and I probably won’t.

I just think that I should.

I am very conflicted about this

The poems are both

My sketchpad, my own resource as well as

A related characteristic

Of the whole blog podcast entertainment nonsense

It’s all related!

Undeniably it can’t be

Too pleasant for

A poem to pop up on people’s newsfeeds

Every fifteen seconds or so?

Is that my problem, or yours?

I just like, need to grow

But also can’t stop writing poems.

Writing “fewer” or “better” or “publishing less and drafting more”

Is not an option

I already have

Hundreds of drafts

I haven’t published

You are all

Already being spared the worst of it

I know


So, anyway

I guess what I’m saying

Is a formal apology

For those of you who

Aren’t here for poems.

I apologize, because

It’s not going to get better.

The poems are growing much,

Much faster than the podcast, so

I’ve gotta go where the wind blows me

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