What my poems could be like–

“I took her by her hair and I

Pushed her to her knees,

I had her suck me off and

Before I was done I

Pushed her balls back inside

Where they belong,

Taped her dick down,

Tickled it with a feather then

Fucked her in the ass

Until I felt my time there

Was satisfactory for the both of us”

What my poems are actually like–

“I hate everyone,

Being fat is like walking around

With a sign on your back that says

‘I’m your problem’

I wish there was a dialogue

On the differences between

Being trans, and being

A fat tranny, like me– someone

Who might never be respected

For his masculinity, just because

Of his small shoes, big waist

And moon-shaped face.

I wish I hadn’t been so presumptuous (sexist? bigoted?)

As to assume that fatphobia might be different

For a man in a similar state, but

Again I will never know, because

I am a woman, who chose his own fate.

My genderlessness disrespected by

My own lack of faith.

I would choose to be a hero

But a villain is what seems to be taking shape

Again, I wish I could say something

Besides ‘fuck everyone’, but

Ya’ll make me sad, night and day.”

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