Honestly like


Are established memories

More so than

Places or faves even

I remember

Ages based on

Popsicles we had in the freezer

There were the

Color sticks, which were my favorite

Which we had every year

But the

Rocket ships were never with the


And the

Butterfinger bars were

Only at my grandpa’s

I liked ice cream sandwiches

When I got into puberty

But I was also seeing a

Nutritionist and couldn’t

Bear logging such a thing

They are the sort of treat where

One seems like an intro, you know what I mean?

So I just fucking

Couldn’t with the ice cream treats

Popsicles are

Much more defensible to a

Panel of doctors, however

Nothing makes you

Guiltier than

The nonstop growth caused by

Cushing’s syndrome

It’s hard to defend yourself

Eating any popsicles

When you’re 10 years old and

250lbs, stretching and cracking and

Breaking your thin bones

Ah but–

Summertime calls!

I was as human then

As I am now and

There aren’t many joys more

Palpable than a

Cold stick in your mouth on a

Hot grassy knoll

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