Porch Joint

Smoking a joint on the porch

In Colorado, or any other legal state,

of course

Is out of this world.

It’s the best thing a human

Can experience, I think

I might be biased

I have fond memories

The outdoors

The stars

Altitude seems to love cannabis


Things are better when the grass

Is greening you swiftly

The “standard of living” over there

Is unbelievable

Art at its highest level

Figurative and literal

God, I love being alive

Keeping it going, searching for

More time smoking on the porch

Smiling, laughing

Giggling as a sport

Olympic athletes, champions of

Pissing, chortles and snorts

All of life

Is luxury

When you’re grinning

ear to ear

Being in Colorado

I wish I could just

Fucking live on

The porch

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