Post-Divorce Buck Angel/Ostrich Believes He Is The Only Bird In The World/”Hero” Worship In The Trans Community Is Sad Level Bad

Behold: The guy who sides with TERFs hoping it will get him a little bit more work.

How is it that a man who contributes so little

Gets so much credit for being so, so special…?

Is it because it is self-awarded?

Perhaps should he be woman of the year as well…?? Not just Maria Fernandez???

The problem with

Post-divorce Buck Angel

Is that he is an ostrich

With his head up his own fucking asshole.

He’s for whatever reason decided to dedicate

His precious, widely-available

Unemployed fountain of free time towards

Being a TERF on twitter and wherever else various

Conservative outlets and fringe outlets and

Weird naked people like Contrapoints

Will have him… Anything he sees as

Potentially profitable, anywhere he can push

Some merch– that’s where he’ll be.

Which brings me to my point–

How does Buck Angel

Benefit from being a TERF? I think he does

Tremendously, compared to the situation he was in

Before. Sure, sure– he might tell you

That he is losing something big, that he “gave it all up”

For what he “believes in” but alas

If you look at the bigger picture and you assess

The history of the circumstance–

The guy is at the end of his rope, with absolutely no plan.

He had a wife, he had a career, he had a public image

He presumably had more money before he got divorced as well…

I just,

So many things. First of all– literally all people struggle with what you claim only trans people struggle with.

The whole “gender dysphoria is my whole life” bullshit is fucking nonsense and you literally profit off of telling people that they have to hate themselves in order to be more like you–

Talk about some bad boyfriend shit.

Buck Angel? Are you listening?

You are depressed as hell, dude.

It’s like, really really bad bruh. You gotta talk to someone IRL

You gotta take a break from twitter for like

Weeks, maybe months, man. You gotta stop

Fucking yourself in the ass in the name of trans regressions.

It’s been hella off-putting for most everyone.

Nobody owes you your masculinity dude.

Women don’t owe you anything.

Not even your bitch of an ex. The problem

With my callousness might be that I experienced this exact same thing with my ex.

She wanted to damage me too, dude.

I don’t even really talk about it much tbh it doesn’t really come up naturally in conversation…?

If it does I talk about it as a warning to others, as a reminder that self-esteem can be compromised

Without you even fully realizing, slowly poisoned day by day.

Which reminds me–

This whole opportunity is a vengeance tour…

I suppose it’s a trans story but I dunno man I think this grief

From 2015, is still intensely fresh.

There is no way some person is gonna say those things about you and win…?

You say those things about yourself everyday.

This trauma is what began your new identity, your new pastime, your new

Attempt at meaning, your desperation to reclaim your power, to reclaim your identity–

Now you scream in a tweet daily about biological realities.

Now you scream daily about being a man with a vagina who was born a woman.

I get it, plenty of people need to relive their traumas in order to move past it but

At this point dude you’re trying to make a career

Out of your brokenheartedness.

Weird, sad, pathetic and honestly it’s become problematically transphobic.

Your self-loathing is infectious and contagious and you mistake

Being followed with being liked, being loved with being admired.

We all will always love you but

I can’t deal with some guy who’s decided to side with TERFs because

It gets him a little more work.

That kind of business is none of mine, I don’t envy

Anyone who would rather shoot before they

Reflect more first.

I think it’s tragic to insist that somehow trans identity is

A special kind of loneliness that no one can understand–

While also gatekeeping and waging war on those in it.

What is it with these fucking people and their allergy to shirts.

What is with this story even why are you telling this story about jesus christ

You brought your date your own fucking merch


That’s how much unsold merch this guy has sitting around at his house

“This is totally how guys feel”…? 🤔⁉️

Wow this story is super rapey and incel broey —

He was literally harassing this lady for not wanting to fuck on a first date…?

I get it dude you’re a porn star but like

As a demisexual my understanding of and patience for rapey garbage is limited.

What was any of that about

Goddamn the hero worship I swear to god

It’s like, I thought classical music was bad

The hero worship in the trans community is sad level bad.

I wonder “did the lady at the end of the video even listen to what just happened?”

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