Preacher Becky

There is someone I work with who is

The sort of christian

I would like to think I would be

If I were to be Christian.


Hopefully doesn’t give too much away,

Using his pronouns–

Is an inspiring leader and a

Fantastic father and leader in the community

I am a huge fan of his he is

So dope, and honestly

I asked him his secret

And he said


And I honestly think he

Fucking meant it.

He is the sort of Christian

The bible implies one should

Aspire to be, at least the

Reading I took from it.

He seems to be able

To see the god

In everyone he sees.

He is able to respect

Everyone, regardless of their

Status or circumstance.

He helps, but not too much

He encourages independence while also

Being supportive in a crisis. He does not

Delay, he does not cower, he just makes a

Better plan and asks for more help.

He is

Basically Jesus himself

Again, at least from the

Reading I took.

I work with him and I enjoy it the most, but

I can’t help but wonder that

He isn’t alone.

I identify a lot with the idea

Of seeing God in everyone, but

Again I don’t see the point

Of preaching about it.

Perhaps that makes me

The ideal candidate?

Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn’t just become

A progressive preacher of sorts

I talk slowly and I have

Bass in my voice

I could convince anyone that

There might be hope, so

Maybe that’s what I should be doing

Instead of pissing and moping

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