If obese people are unwelcome

Everywhere they go

They will never get better.

You have to go places

In order to lose weight.

You have to exercise, you have to

Leave your house. You have to

Eat healthy and not

Order takeout.

If you harass fat people

At the grocery store,

At the park, at the gym

At the doctor, before a colonoscopy

During a virtual appointment

Walking around outside

Harassing their pace, following them

If you stalk them at the store and

Compliment or criticize their choices

You are making

Basic infrastructural spaces

Uncomfortable for a fat person

To exist in.

You are helping to ensure

That that person

Will stay home, sit in the dark

Order in food and

Hide, as much as possible.

You can’t hate fat people

So much, cornering them,

Prevent them from helping themselves–

That’s called being a predator, and

Only one person wins.

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