Premeditated Mother-in-Law

Here’s the deal

I have something I need to get off my

He/she chest

Besides the whole he/she thing

I guess.

It’s way worse.

It’s murder.

Literal plans for murder.

In my head, I’m thinking–

Is it still evidence in court

If it’s poetry?


I’m certain.

So I guess

Writing this, in a weird

Fucked up

Way, is my guarantee

That I won’t follow-through

Stay tuned, just in case–


I need to murder my mother-in-law

She is a fucking asshole

I can’t say anything about it to my partner

She gets so sad

And mad

And frustrated

She knows her mother is

Difficult, smothering, overbearing

What is she supposed to do about it?


She’s dealt with this shit her whole life!

I’m the one that wants to deal with this problem

It got real personal, real fast

You see.

She insulted

My entire family

While also

Being a complete disgrace

Liar, hypocrite herself

I need to murder her

It’s the only way

I’ll be able to sleep

I haven’t slept a wink in weeks

Reels of what she says to me

Playing on repeat

Fuck this bitch

I have to kill her



Can’t I just say


In court, and everyone will mutually agree?

It had to be done

The bitch was in serious misery

She had to die

End story.

Who could possibly

Blame me?

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