Why is it

That anyone who claims

Queer identity

Has to be

Proud, has to be

Happy, has to be

Positive energy


What about




In 2021, or 2022, or 2023?

Why do people feel the need

To silence the

Queer complainers

The ones trying to make sense

Of the world that doesn’t like them

Why is it that we have to make

The straight allies comfortable

And why is it

That we have to tolerate

All of the worst behaviors

And none of the things that

Don’t ultimately reflect

On anyone but the individual

Why is it that we promote

The behaviors of the group

And shame the bodies that don’t conform


Is it about being

Proud, or is it about

Hiding the folks

You’re ashamed of?

How is this any better

Than the bullshit ya’ll insist

You are not…?

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