Prison Problem

I have a real problem with prison

America fucking loves jails

Loves putting people in ’em

Loves making people criminals and

Taking away their citizenship.

I have no plans to go to prison

I don’t live my life as if I am in danger

Of going there, however

If I were to ever go

I would be terrified of going to either

A men’s prison, or a woman’s prison.

I feel like being trans has made it

So that I cannot comfortably be in either position

It’s not that I don’t want trans people

To be in the prison they identify with, I think

Trans women should be sent to women’s prison

When they go to men’s they just get raped and killed

I am just also aware

That I am a man, and that I would rather be

In women’s spaces because they are both

Safer and nicer than men’s spaces.

I don’t want to go to men’s prison.

I feel like a coward just saying it?

I don’t like men’s restrooms imagine

Showering with them, I mean

I don’t want to be in the women’s either

They’ll fuck me up over there I’m sure

I just have to stay out, I guess

As weird as it is to say

Avoiding prison has become

More of a priority to me since transitioning.

It’s always been a nightmare but now I just

Worry about surviving in this society

Now that my secrets are outside my head,

Visible on my body.

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