Progressive Demographics

For me, personally

The problem lies in that

The demographic I am in,

Or rather— demographics

Are what I call

“Progressive demographics”

An identity or demographic that someone

Is a part of, that changes and reforms

Throughout their lifetime.

Being fat as a kid

Is a classic example .

I’ve heard the old—

“I was a fat little kid and now I’m not—

I learned how to fix myself”

More times than I’ve tied and untied my shoes

(I’m a foot smoosher— I don’t tie often)

This journey

Gives someone a sort of

Progressive identity, a

Progressive demographic—

They were fat, in a certain circumstance

And now they aren’t.

These people typically believe in thin privilege

Because they’ve either gained it or lost it.

Trans identities are similar in that

You start one way

And you transition to another.

Your friends and family

All “compliment you”

On your “changes”

Even if you barely notice them yourself.

It feels insincere, hopeless and a bit

Out of the realm of what is real.

And the whole time

You know

How things were before

You try not to compare

But the comparisons are everywhere

They define each interaction, the

Social anxiety turns into something of a

Suspicion confirmation

The way you walk in the world

Shifts from day to day,

Something that

Not everyone

Has to deal with, and

Something that never goes away.

The memories of how things used to be

Juxtaposed with how they are

Drives me mad,


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