Prohibitive Poo-Baggies/Healthcare Should Be Cheaper Than Heroin

It really seems like most people

Who sympathize with and see eye-to-eye with

The trans rights plight

Are people who end up being

Genderqueer, genderfluid themselves

Expressing it in various ways.

It almost kinda makes it so that

The only people in the community

Are people who have a loose concept of gender,

Or have a FIRM concept of gender

And are transgender.

So basically–

The community umbrella

Is a bunch of people who are like

“I know who I am and it’s not what I look like”

And a ton of other people who are like

“I know who I am and I don’t care what I look like”

These two philosophies are

At odds with eachother, folks.


The kind of person

Who wants to look dramatically different

From the way they currently look

Doesn’t have very much in common

With the kind of person

Who sees beauty in all of their mismatched characteristics.

I know this because, well–

I am both ideologies.

And, honestly–

I am at war with myself on a regular basis.

Surgery? Or NO!


Looking a certain way, or–

Challenging the idea

That anyone looks the way

They are inside

Nobody does

I know this especially considering

How often beautiful people

Hide shit inside their hearts

So that soul-seekers like me

Step in it when we get too close.

I don’t want any

Prohibitive poo-baggies —

I just want honesty

I want trans people who acknowledge

How expensive and non-elective their surgery was

So that other people

In the future

Can benefit from what they’ve done.

I want America to stop making

Health more expensive than heroin

And most of all

I want someone, anyone

To represent the trans community

As it could be, instead of how it is currently.

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