“Protect Trans Kids”/Egg Shells Are There For A Reason

When I think of

“Protect Trans Kids”

I think of

What did I need to hear

As a kid, and what did I hear


I think it’s more important

Now than ever

To stop outing and stop putting

Pressure on these kids

To know who they are before they’ve even

Had a chance to doubt it.

I think it’s kind of strange

That assigning gender to behavior

Is both how trans issues are diagnosed

And also what makes queer folk the most mad–

It’s almost like

These two issues

Are meant to be at each other’s throats, until you realize

That the intention is the only thing that matters.

It’s not a big deal to have gendered interests,

Gendered hobbies, it’s completely normal–

But it isn’t normal

To expect other people

To see your gender as something

You are not currently.

That, IMO

Has to be the most concise description of

Gender dysphoria.

Everyone enjoys all different types of gender expressions and activities–

What you like to do has nothing to do with

Whether or not you want to have medical gender intervention–

It might help you, however

If you were to know

That there is a way to fix

The anger you feel

When someone doesn’t see you as you are.

That process is called transitioning, and

It is very difficult, and limited. You cannot

Become born again.

And, honestly–

The born again folks

Are kind of the problem…

Anyway, what I would have said

To my 10 year old self

Would have been~~


Buck up buddy,

People will know who you are inside

It doesn’t matter how you look

On the outside.

Take care of yourself, take care of your body

Don’t cut yourself and don’t blame yourself

For other people’s mistakes and misgivings.

You are not broken, alone, and

You don’t need to be fixed.

You are more than any one thing.

Your parents love you and that–

Surprisingly, might change for a while–

But it doesn’t stay that way.

You’re going to need

All the help you can get, so try not to burn

Hometown bridges–

Everywhere else? Let it burn.

Gender doesn’t mean shit

And stop letting yourself believe

That you are less than

Just because they make you feel like it

When you’re letting yourself down

Looking in the mirror, wishing you saw

Someone else entirely.

You can’t expect anyone else

To understand your pain, your anger

Everyone has a different journey and

Some of us are mad forever…

Being trans is not a simple change

In your prescriptions, no matter

What they say on tumblr, or tik tok, or

Whatever less than 5 second “resource” you saw

That confirmed your existing belief structure.

To me, personally–

Allowing my identity to be ignored

In school

Was the smartest decision

I made without knowing.

Kinda makes you think that

Egg shells are there for a reason.

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