Proposed edit:

Instead of

Protect Trans Kids

Let’s say–

Protect Trans Health


Protect Trans Healthcare.

The issue at stake is an attack on

Trans rights and trans access to healthcare

When said person is under the age of 18.

Protecting these rights protects them

Well into adulthood, as well.

Also, unfortunately–

I don’t think ya’ll fully appreciate

How little some people know about trans people, including

The flag, and what it represents

I saw a billboard that read

“Protect Alabama Trans Kids”

And I’m genuinely concerned that

People will interpret this as an

Anti-trans billboard, promoting

The “protection of children”, see–

Both sides

Think they are protecting the children

This is why the edit has to happen

We can’t say

“Protect Trans Children”

When they think that means

Limiting our rights and access to healthcare

It’s like we’re paying for signs

That anybody can agree with

Without changing their minds, or voting

Or dealing with the consequences.

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