Psychologically Unhealthy

Trans people be like

“I’ve always felt something was wrong,

I’ve always wished I was being treated as

Another gender, another sex, I wish I was

Respected for who I am—

It’s psychologically unhealthy for me to

Continue to deny my true self.”

Transphobic people be like

“Well— you’re the way you are and

That’s that. Trying to change that is

Delusional, accept your biological reality.

It’s psychologically and physically unhealthy to transition and honestly

You must be sick in the head”

And somehow trans people are supposed to be understanding

Of their bigotry, while they give absolutely

No effort to accept our reality.

Not to mention, in order to be transgender

You have to accept your biological reality.

Honestly like

The intention is the issue.

People who are convinced

They are giving you the best advice

Will come down as hard as they like.

They don’t understand, they won’t try, and

They’re willing to fight.

Unfortunately it is common to be a

Hater, no matter how common, pedestrian and

Psychologically unhealthy hatred is.

The fear, loathing, paranoia and misinformation about trans people in the media

Is psychologically unhealthy for everyone,

Even the haters.

Realizing the stress they have that

I don’t makes me calmer than I’ve been in

Years. Peaceful resolve.

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