You must be very strong

To have left such a taste in my mouth.

Months and months of separation,

Time goes on,

But your stench stands still

I’ve been scrubbing my tongue

with soap

In desperation.

I’m not sure when

You climbed in my mouth

And filled it with your pungent flavor.

I haven’t eaten for months

Well, I have, but not

With any meaningful satisfaction.

Sand, dust,

All food is trash now

Thanks to your pungent smell

Garbage, rotted

Nothing is fun.

I never knew you,

You didn’t know me.

Why do I still smell you

Why is there chalk in my mouth

When I hear your name?

Why can’t I stop scowling

More than a year after.

I’ve never felt so betrayed

By anyone.

I’ve known nothing but abuse,

I felt very prepared for whatever you could’ve done

I didn’t know you could hold a smoking gun

You seemed harmless,

We never did anything!!

I guess this is what I learn from.

There is no such thing as friendship

Only past, present, future

Lovers and exes.

I guess where I feel broken

Is in the middle, where

I put you, before.

You had so many choices,

So many options.

You chose ones I wouldn’t.

Respect my opinion,

I don’t want to know you.

I used to, but that was before I

Knew what kind of taste

You would leave in my mouth.

Goddamn, fucking awful

I’m so glad we didn’t kiss

If we had, would the taste be stronger?

Would it have given me something to miss?

Someone to know, instead of this


Strongly flavored garbage.

Oh garbage cunt, leave me be

Get out of my head,

Stop flavoring my food

With your pungent smell

Coupled with

An overwhelming sense of doom.

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