Purely Fantastic

Ten feet deep. Already.

Ten feet deep in the fantasy.

The thing about

Not doing

Is that it’s almost a thousand times better

Than doing, depending.

My ex would rave about it but

Now I’m over here drooling.

In the past, I would rush to the fucking.

That’s the part I was insecure about happening

So naturally I would rush to that so I didn’t feel

Insecure or something.

It’s just so much better when you don’t know each other.

Then you get to fuck

The idea

Of the person, mixed with real bits it’s like

A sort of love matrix.

The consciousness without limits.

I love that part. I have a bad habit

Of either staying there

Or worse—

Bringing pieces of the matrix back to reality.


I don’t need sex, the way my

Insecurity used to. I don’t need

Fake yes’s, the way

They used to feel I don’t need

Much of anything

Besides perhaps

A healthy distraction.

Which, arguably

My greatest desire— something

Purely fantastic.

I don’t need anything besides

A muse and some magic.

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