Putting Two and Two Twogether

It’s easy for most people to understand why a woman

Might want to live as a man.

I even saw some sort of international clickbait-ish video

About an egyptian woman

Who dressed and lived as a man

To provide for herself and her family

It’s not exactly rocket science

Putting two and two together–

One gender has rights and abilities in society

And the other doesn’t. So, when this woman needed that power–

She took it however she could.

Both genders have privileges and powers, but

There isn’t often crossover. You have to crossover–

To get the crossover.

When I came out as transgender

Most of the people in my life said

“Okay makes sense”

Except for a handful of gay men

Who, honestly, in retrospect

Seem like they hate being men

I can’t imagine hating all this power, all this privilege

I can’t imagine feeling burdened by the responsibility

I am finally free to be who I’ve always been

Large, in charge, and in-demand

If that seems like a burden to you, perhaps

You’re going through a tough time, or perhaps

You don’t actually enjoy being a man.

Being a woman is so specific and comes with

So many extra pretty little responsibilities, like

The emotional well-being of everyone around you

–I quickly found out I wasn’t a good fit for that sort of lifestyle

No one ever asked me to babysit, even as a kid

They could tell that I wasn’t cut out for that shit.

Now, as a man, I have to be independent

On a level I have not previously been demanded

And I find it liberating, exciting, and downright


I don’t know you, or your brain, or whatever you like

However you feel, but I do know this–

If you don’t like being a man

You can always change your mind

You can always be a woman, you will pass with time.

No surgery or medication can help you the way

Living socially with the right expectations has helped me, at least

I can only speak for myself.

Again, I already wrote this poem, but–

If you feel oppressed by your gender–

That is something you can change.

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