I was like

“There needs to be a queer entertainment network”

And then immediately I was like

“Oh right— that’s logo”

But is it? I mean

It is. I admittedly love logo

But it’s not exactly thriving

I mean, ru Paul was the driving show and

They sold out to VH1 so it’s like

Where does logo fit into the world?

I claim to specialize in queer media but like

Even I don’t have a subscription

To something I can’t afford. Fucking cable I mean

Hell, right?! Ain’t no way am I gonna

Pay for entertainment I could easily provide

For myself, free of charge. Anyway—

I guess what I really want

Is a public television station

That has drag shows and gay people and

Trans folk being boring and normal

I guess real progress would be that

That’s how every station is, but

The way things are right now—

You always have to pay a surcharge

To see queer people being themselves

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