Queer and Christian? Just Say Hypocrite, Instead

Every Christian queer I’ve met

Has been through-and-through


A dogshit excuse for a human being

Not qualified, in my opinion

To call themselves Christians

The way most Christians

Really oughta find out

What Jesus was actually saying

Queers oughta find out

What religion has actually been saying

About queer people

Before they go ahead and decide

That it’s alright

And that people got it all wrong

And that their church is accepting!

Oh, their Methodist church isn’t

Like the ones in the articles,

They’re welcoming! And

Christian, right?

What does that mean?


The faith you defend,

The faith you pretend protects you

Is in fact harming other queers

Passively, inactively

Don’t give me some shit

About how your church is not like

The rest of them

All of them are

The rest of them.

All religion is a form of

Organized misogyny

Even the fluffy nice

Non-denominational kinds

There ain’t no such fucking thing,


Just Christian organizations

With more and less power,

More and less money,

More and less queers

All of it is bullshit

Why not just

Come worship

My cock, instead?

You’d be less of a hypocrite,

On your knees, living your truth



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