Queer and Trans “Armies” and “Classes”/Who Is The Enemy, Really?

I find shit like this extremely problematic. I would give

Links and references specifically but to be honest, it would just

Get my ass roasted on a pitchfork

Faster than it already does. I don’t know folks–

What seems more alarming?

The fact that personal identity has been weaponized into a

Political motivator, or the fact that

If you say anything about it, you’re

The enemy? Your choices are

Shut up and be brainwashed by the hetero-norms, or

Shut up and take notes on how to be a queer person, because you know–

The community accepts everyone exactly as they are

As long as you study the course material.

Honest to god one more queer person who complains about how their fucking

Internet hobby needs financial backing–

Who doesn’t

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