Queer Culture As A Forgiveness Pass

I saw this somewhere and I didn’t want to think

It was true, but it is.

The only people who are expected

To reflect and repent for any sort of

Woke social crime or norm

Would be those who are deemed

Normal, meaning

Anyone gay is diverse

Even if they’re a white and rich as fuck

Even if they identify as a prince

The only thing that matters

Is that their global servants respect

That they are not a bigot !!!

People literally be like

“I’m not the problem—

I’m a trans vegan liberal I am literally

Free from bigotry in any way shape or form

You are beneath me, like and subscribe

So you can learn more”

Where are the people

Reflecting, absorbing, changing in anyway

Who knew, folks —

The only people that need to change

Is everyone else


Lmfao as if that isn’t how we got here

In the first place

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