Radical Self-Love

That’s it folks.

There is nothing more anyone could ever teach you.

Quantum physics is bullshit,

Dating tips are garbage—

Save 100% or more on car insurance by

Switching to couch surfing.

Radical self-love is

The most powerful force in the universe.

It can can clear your skin

It can relax your muscles

It can save you thousands

It can help you earn a college degree

It can get healthy food on your plate

It can get you a promotion

It can even get you a spouse, and

Make the two (or more) of you horny !!

Radical self-love

Is the secret to

All of the happiest, most successful people.

Just ask any of the oldest living

What their secret is— and they’ll say

Laughing, joy, sex, and one lady in Texas

Even said bacon. Which arguably is

All three of those at once.

Ain’t nobody a vegan—

All of the happiest people

Regardless of their sex, age, or weight

Reference happiness and good cheer

As the most life-preserving practices we have.

For this reason alone

Trans identities need to be respected and protected

Black, brown, native and asian lives need to matter

Fat bodies should be welcomed and respected

No matter what topics are trending—

It’s only considered radical

If the subject matter is

Something that popular opinion sees as


There is nothing radical about existing.

Alas, radical-self love

Is what the world is missing.

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