The FUCK is redirecting?

Am I just some super depressed maniac

Or is redirecting bad energy

Just some bullshit bologna

I’d rather not hear in a lecture

From some unchipped block

Who’s got no perspective

It must be

Pretty easy

To have been lucky,

Avoided lasting tragedy

Kept your heart in one piece,

Even if it’s empty

And give someone

With trauma

A lecture about being positive

Despite what they’ve been through

None of which interests you

How about this–

Let’s redirect you

Far away from me

Go have a blissful happy life

Bursting with positive energy

Somewhere where I don’t have to see you

Or hear you

Or be made to feel broken

Because I don’t want to pretend

To be whole, to be undisturbed

To be fine.

I need to accept that the things that happened

Were real, and that my feelings are


Sometimes you need to feel worse

Before you feel better.

You feel the way you feel,

No one can tell you otherwise.

It’s not dwelling–

If the swelling still hasn’t

Gone down.

what ever happened to patience

Being a virtue?

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