Relationship Telephone Game/Variables

I can’t separate the variables —

Here are some sex drive observations.

Transitioning has been bizarre.

First few t shots I was unstoppable and then

It tapered off.

Now that I’m out of that relationship I know that

I can’t separate the variables. The results are from both.

My sex drive steadily decreased for most of my transition

More than two years now it seems. Possibly three. I don’t pay attention.

Simultaneously my relationship seemed to do

Nothing but struggle

Family strains, death, hormones, surgeries, health catastrophes —

Jobs lost. Plural.

How many ways can someone’s perspective change

Without becoming someone you don’t know ?

It was like a fucked up game of telephone except

The subject was my identity as a man.

At the end of 9 years we had very different dialogues going

Simultaneously. Conflict about absolutely everything

Unable to see each other the same way

Who could’ve possibly stayed ….?

I often didn’t know to whom she was referring—

Me, or some stranger

Neither of us recognized each other by the end of it.

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