Remembering All Of It/Delinquent/Offensive

All the shit she gaslighted and denied

All the transphobic nonsense I put up with from

Her, her friends, and her family.

When no one in your life sees you the way

You need to be seen, they don’t think they are harming you.

They think you are harming them

With your “extremism” and your demands

Demands like pronouns they don’t want to use

And treatment the don’t feel is suited

Masculinity is a privilege and when you

Try and take it for yourself

Amongst those who don’t see you as deserving of it

You are labeled a thief, a criminal.

You appropriate the very thing they hold dearest

Their god himself has an almighty penis

How dare I be so delinquent

Why do my relationships always have to be like this

I just need a community that isn’t trying

Burn me like a witch. It’s offensive.

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