Reverse Drag Race

Sometimes I’m like

What if I made a show

About glorifying masculinity

Like a sort of

Drag King, Butch Queen hour

A competition show

For afab’s and others

To show off how much

Their masculinity matters to them.

We can even have cute little contests

Like woodchopping, shop,

Auto repair, lawn work, hunting–

Definitely a grill-off–

You know, the various things

Men get to do and complain about,

The things butch people dream of!

We can even make a big deal

Of allowing

One stupid little skinny twink fag

Into each season, but–

Only after we’ve already been on

For ten seasons.

We can let this skinny little twink fag

Persist in the show, until of course

His “natural advantages” start to show

Then we will discredit his and her gender, and

Send them home

After making them do something

Really awful and embarrassing

And if anyone says

We are being bigots–

I’ll just explain

That my show is called

Reverse-drag race, and

What we’re doing here

On this show

Is helping millions across the Earth

Love themselves


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