Rose Bud of Dawn/Pull Yourself Together Mate

^too much?

^^Not enough?

^^^What’s this– I can’t complain about anal references, and also make one?

Fair enough.

Rose of Dawn quite literally roasts

Unattractive and socially ostracized trans people

On a regular basis on her show.

Her favorite is this parody of a trans woman predator


But honestly she finds new ones all the time

She’s like

“It’s so awful being trans

There are ugly fatty weirdos

Everywhere you go–

Everyone in this community

Is from a lower class than me

Oh boo hoo hoooooo”

All while instead befriending

Radicals and jerks

At what point will anyone start to care

That the real parody of what

A trans person could be

Is a self-loathing, fat-shaming

Class-shaming monster

Who is completely disconnected

From any and all reality

And instead of going to therapy

Becomes a fucking monster

The only difference between

Rose of Dawn

And Yaniv

Is the number of followers.

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