Rude Boi?

I have no idea what to call myself anymore.

IRL I’m actually like

Totally fine, totally chill–

Almost went to a shooting range the other day

With a new friend I made, but

My goals, my dreams, my

Creative imagery, lately

I don’t know– All I see

Is the worst of everyone

And the worst of everything.

I wanted to make an episode

When I had something good to say, but

Nowadays, that seems

Inconceivable. What kind of host would I be

If I lied to you all like that,

For what?

For some positive vibes…?

I can’t. I won’t,

I breathe fire more often than I

Light up the room, I’m just not

That kind of guy, if you ask me

Not quite rude, but also not

Here to be your fool.

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