Running Up That Hill — Cover me Crazy

“First Aid Kit” is an accurate band name

I have used First Aid Kit as a literal first aid kit for my heart. After my first longterm girlfriend left me, I listened to their album “Stay Gold” until I didn’t have any thoughts that weren’t lyrics. The lyrics are validating. Their sound is like actual medicine, also they have incredible musical chemistry.

5-star recommendation for anyone who needs a boost of emotional wellness.

They’re sisters from Sweden? Why are you stealing our poor ‘lil country hearts over here in the USA? We are supposed to be better at this than you. I gladly accept defeat. Is it too dirty if I say succumb?

am I awful for nonstop wishing they would make out? I know they’re sisters, I still kinda don’t care. muahmuahmuahmmm 




Fine fine I will tone the ‘tucky down. Back to First Aid Kit though….


I’m not completely obsessed with their new album, “Ruins”, sorry about it. I am OBSESSED however with this cover of one of my favorite songs. Something about having a voice duet instead of guitar and voice makes it more heavenly AND more down to earth. Simultaneously.

How does that even work?! Did they bring heaven to earth? Is everyone from Sweden an angel? I’m sure they think so.

Take a listen



Sometimes you find a cover that makes your whole self feel understood.

Would go to church if this was the music. Would drink whiskey if one of the First Aid Kit sisters handed it to me. Would drink whiskey at church if you actually made me listen to a sermon.


Ghhh Kate Bush tho. Better? Have you heard the original?

Aepplez to starfruitz if you ask me.



One more, just because I am always legit runnin’ up some hill


I dig this cover so much, it totally transforms the song. That is what a good cover should do, IMO.

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