Safety Razors/Beard Shaming/Bump Patrol

I wish I hadn’t been beard shamed by my

Idiot fake friends when I asked

How to shave–

There are so many ways

Safety razors are amazing

My face is soft and smooth like a baby but has this

Cold, cool, hard prickly feel

That screams

Arthur Morgan

But sexier– because I’m real

Also my ingrown hairs are so much less

Than with an electric shaver

I wish cis people

Weren’t so fucking atrocious

About trans masc facial hair– yes

You’ve gotta shave for it to grow back thicker

But genetics, time, and medication

Make a difference.

If I had had this kind of self-esteem back then

Maybe I would’ve had

A cooler mustache and a

Better comeback.

Also, just some tips I found that work–

Wet your facial hair,

Put a shave cream/butter/gel in (it makes the hairs cut better)

Shave with the grain with this general scheme

Honestly just watch the damn bump patrol video. Guy blew my mind.

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