Same Same Same

I’ve got the

Same body,

Same pussy,

Same mouth,

Same asshole,

Same hump,

Same lumps,

Same arms,

Same legs,

Same feet,

Same back,

Same toes

Only thing that’s changed about me

Is my tits,

My dick,

And my attitude

Now suddenly—

I’m not cute, charming,

Queer or endearing—

I’m just a loud fat mad “cis” redneck asshole.

Makes me wonder if gender isn’t just

The filter everyone else sees

Before they understand how to

Interpret what you’re saying—

To me, I am

Exactly the same

To the point of pain

And yet, the dysphoria

Out in the world

Dissipates each day—


It can’t be me, that’s

All I have to say–

I’m the exact fucking same.

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