Sane, Moderate, and Trans

As a chronically ill person who decided to transition later in life

I both wish I was trans as a kid

And also know I would have waited

Until I was at least 18 or later

To have any surgical or hormonal intervention.

It’s just what I know about myself

I also don’t think I would have needed

To go through the stress of having a double mastectomy

So young, when I had just barely

Started to enjoy my nipples

And their full sensation.

I think the requirement

For trans people to transition surgically

Is barbaric. I think anyone

Should be able to identify as trans

Without hormones or surgery

And I think there has to be some sort of

Sane moderate place

We can all live and be happy in

That both lets trans kids prosper, exist

And be certain that our LGBTQAI+ community

Is healthy and safe, with all of the best possible

Safety checks in place.

I don’t think it was traumatizing to be questioned during my transition therapy

I do think it was traumatizing the subjects they focused in on, for no reason

Like my weight, as if body weight has anything to do with wanting to impregnate someone


I think everyone should be allowed through the gate, but I do think

That we should be certain everyone understands

That transgender therapies and surgeries are irreversible, have unknown side effects, have

Unknown long-term consequences

Basic considerations anyone should make

For any medical condition.

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