Saturday Guitar Session No. 2

I am slowly but surely developing an interest in guitar. I know, I know. I said a bunch of stuff about how it was exciting and stuff at first.

I meant it, of course. It doesn’t mean it was going to last, lasting was never factored in. Like a lot of loves, I expected my love for guitar to fade after the initial overwhelming ecstasy. Cocaine, I think I compared it to. Yes. I’ve never done cocaine, but my buddy said it’s all over in about 15-20 minutes. You do another bump after like, an hour or so. Who even knows. Guitar is not like that, I shouldn’t have compared it to that.

Should I compare thee to a summer’s day, guitar? Nah. If guitar is worthy of sonnets, it will speak to me itself, and give me the sonnets. None of this secondhand sonnet bullshit. Fuck off, Shakespeare. If guitar is truly awesome, truly metal, truly transcendent; it will inspire me with sonnets. If guitar is truly awesome, it will help to immortalize me.


I am not gonna have kids so like, don’t judge me. I need something besides babies to immortalize me. Maybe it’s guitar! Maybe it’s not. I don’t need to commit quite yet. We are still in the honeymoon phase. I am still figuring out what tHE HeCk eVen!?


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