Scars Cont.

Sometimes I feel like I have

Soft, flexible dinner plates stuck underneath my skin

Where my tits used to be.

Probably because, well

I kinda do. I don’t have implants I have

Scar tissue.

I don’t know if people understand how scars work–

I sure didn’t, at least before experience–

They are much deeper than the surface. You scar

And heal

Everywhere you are cut.

For example, when I had my back surgery

I have this small 2.5 inch scar

That is at least 2-3 inches deep, all the way

Down into my backbone.

For top surgery, I made sure to ask

How deep, and she explained that she had to cut me

Down to my breastbone.

I have a lot of scarring horizontal but

The 3D nature of scars

Are lost on all who don’t have them.

It is not skin deep, it is

To my bone and I am

Healing still. I know it’s going to be

Less and less noticeable with time, it already

Has been.

I have numb plates of scars

Shifting over my pecs

Where my tits used to be, and

The irony is not lost on me.

Anyway, moving and lifting and fucking have been

Fantastic for increasing my mobility so I will keep

Living happily, just thought it was kind of

Poetic in a fucked up Dickinson sort of way that

In order to look more a man I had to get a

Permanent underwire and

Some dinner plates.

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