Seeing Stars

Me thinking about this random guy that I

Know I’m incompatible with like it even

Matters how our date will go, I know he

Wants to have sex and stuff but I am just simply

Nothing like him. The last time I met someone like this

I was so young and oblivious. I didn’t know she was

Into me even as she was sleeping next to me

I think she was a Taurus as well, and honestly

I don’t know that he is one, I can just tell.

The easiest way to handle this is to

Not respond but I don’t know if

I can resist the urge to ghost

He is so beautiful I can’t help but care about his

Opinion. On someone I won’t let him get to know well enough

To reject in any meaningful way.

I think perhaps

I should go ahead and ask his zodiac sign

It’s my favorite defense mechanism.

If he isn’t one of the four options, I disappear

I don’t worry about him at all.

I’m on a stars guided journey and

I’m not letting anyone read me

I’m listening to myself since

I can’t get what I need from anyone else

But the stars, of course.

I need rest but I am restless also

He is very very cute, I can make an exception.

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