Seeking Help/Look Inward

I will say it is getting a bit tiresome

Seeing these detransitioners

Talk about their regrets on twitter

Explaining how they know

Everything now

And knew

So little then

And how “their doctors did

Nothing to stop them…!”

“I had a hysterectomy/orchiectomy

And nobody even raised an eyebrow…!!!!!”

Yep that’s actually called

Progress, for some of us–

Sorry that you were transgender

Because it was trendy, and now

You’re on a revenge-tour on twitter

Telling everyone else

That “nobody else knows what they’re doing–“

Yeah I think maybe



Did somebody on reddit tell you

These surgeries were reversible, or something!? Nope.

I’m sorry about the friend that you

Convinced to get castrated–

Personally I chose to

Stop talking to self-loathing idiots

Who blame all of their problems

On the can-doers they rode in on,

(Not trying to bottom shame, but some of you

Know who you are)

Seeking help from the people

They asked, if I decide

To blame anyone for my decision to transition

It will be my own fat ass–

I didn’t expect to be so proud of that,

But I have to be! Considering

How few of these people seem to be capable

Of looking inward during their own times of crisis.

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