Self-Esteem Is Not Conditional

Everyone deserves to have it

Like stocks, or any other investment you make

You have to invest self-esteem

In yourself.

It goes up and down, it gets knocked around

But you have to invest in yourself, and

Everyone deserves to have self-esteem

There are not conditions in which you can have self-esteem and others that you can’t

Fat people don’t deserve less self-esteem

Than someone who is thin.

That, honestly

Is all I’m talking about

I just wish people wouldn’t attack others

For their differences, when oftentimes

Difference is where we overcompensate

And develop strengths.

My life-long battle with my weight

Has made me healthier, more disciplined

And more aware of health care issues than the average bear

And I love that about myself–

Why is that so hard to hear?

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