Self-Image/On The Shelf

I read this Reddit thing the other day they were like

“Would you ever date another trans guy”

I could just find the fucking thing and share it

But I wanna give you my impression

Lmfao I’m an artiste

I was like


Then I scrolled down

And this guy said

“I used to be like — I’m trans

And I like Cis people—

Until I dated another trans guy

And now I’m the happiest I’ve ever been”

I’m like

*spits in excitement*

Then this other guy chimes in he’s like

“I’ve been dating a trans woman and

I’ve literally never been so happy”

I’m like

I want what he’s having

Either of them

Maybe even a double order idgaf

My perspective on myself has changed a lot

Since changing my environment.

I am no longer afraid of lingering doubts and resentments.

I am wary and cautious of other people

But I am stronger now. I can handle things.

I am open to being

Maybe I didn’t want to date anyone trans before because

I didn’t feel lovable myself.

Now that I love him so much I wonder

Who else is out there waiting

Who else I’ve been putting on the shelf

But the other truth is I’m on

Other people’s shelves as well.

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