Self-Importance vs. Self-Righteousness/Advice vs Help

Self-importance is life-saving

Don’t ever chip away at someone’s self-importance

It’s the most important survival quality anyone can have.



Just toss it.

Don’t need it.

That’s how shit like the crusades starts

That’s how JK Rowling got into this mess lmfao


Can suck my dick

Self-righteousness is how

Christianity spreads!

It’s also how people stay unvaccinated…


Can lead you up shits creek no paddle

Self-importance keeps you calm

While you solve your own problems

And then even have time

To help with someone else’s but

Self-righteousness makes you

Help others before you help yourself

Which, if you didn’t pay attention

Is not recommended for airline passenger safety.

It’s a good rule of thumb

Not to give someone advice

When what they actually need is

Help. Something, that

For better or for worse, can be as simple as

A poem.

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