Sex And Gender

My sex is female my

Presenting gender is male.

I’m non-binary because I have literally

De-coupled myself from the binary.

I am not denying sex, denying biology

I’m decoupling sex and gender

The way we all do

The way we all express

Just sucks because most people are attracted to


Not gender.

Gender is for friends and colleagues

Sex is for mashing bits

On the dating apps I am for some reason

A walking vagina despite my name and my presenting gender

No one who is looking for cock

Swipes right on me and

People that want pussy

Stop to chat with me.

I have two choices, be mad

Or just roll one, two, three

Understanding that my situation is better than it was

But ultimately irreparable.

I never thought it would be I just

Couldn’t bear one more minute

Of my friends and colleagues seeing me so differently from

The way that I am

They were decoupled from me

So I had to decouple in order for them to see.

Now people are just alarmed and astounded

Like I’m some sort of snake that unhinged it’s jaw and

Swallowed manhood whole

Meanwhile I’m simply making my own

Peace. It’s a reach. Something

Everyone understands is a right

Something everyone understands is alright

But to some people some things can’t be

Decoupled without a schism.

Sometimes I’m Eve, I live as Adam

It shouldn’t matter whether or not you’re fucking me.

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