Sex Is Real. I Have It.

Forreal bruh!’

I was born a female

My gender is male

That is real.

My penis is real.

My ovaries— real.

My gender— real !

What is so hard for people to understand

I am a transgender man

My gender is different

Than the sex I was assigned at birth

My gender dictates most of what I can do

Socially and culturally without being outcasted

So I should be able to use the bathroom—

A place governed by social and cultural norms

Without my sex being a problem

Because my sex—as real as it is—

Has no affect on how I’m perceived

Socially and culturally.

My sex is largely a secret, nowadays!

Kind weird, huh?

Gender is what people notice

Gender expression is what we are fighting for

Sex is whats in your pants

Last time I checked—

There wasn’t a size minimum for penises in the men’s restroom.

Last time I checked—

There wasn’t a menstrual requirement in the women’s.

How am I expected

To fight for my gender expression rights

When everyone on the other side

Is trying to tell me that I’m somehow

In denial of my physical reality, my physical sex

My biological anatomy.

No matter how long I am on hormones

I will never get someone pregnant—

I will always be the pregnant one.

This is a reality with real consequences and real considerations

Because my sex is real, bruh—and I have it.

I just wish that people understood

How much of a necessary part of the argument biological sex really is,

And how much more conversation we need to have

About the social and cultural implications of gender expression

Without flipping a shit and calling me a transphobe

All because I say my sex and gender are different.

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