Sex With Trans People

Everyone has the right to say no

Everyone has the right to say

“I don’t want to have sex with you”

Everyone has the right to say

“I don’t see you that way, I don’t

Think of you the way lovers do”

Everyone has that right.

Especially trans folk, especially

Queer folk, especially those of us who

Have more on the line than just

Instincts and urges in common,

Everyone has the right to say

I don’t want someone, or something

So if your policy is

“I don’t have sex with trans people”

No one should ever pressure or force anyone

To do anything they don’t want to do !

Exclamation point~!

But for some reason people think that

“Sex with trans people”

Is an activity they wouldn’t want to do.

What is sex with trans people, exactly?

I am genuinely curious.

Is it sex with penis? Is that how you see it?

I’d have to agree, personally at least. If you’re having sex with me–

You’re gonna need to treat me like a man with a penis.

But if you’re having sex with someone else…

Well, I dunno honestly. You’d have to ask them!

I don’t have the slightest bit of a clue what they’re doing, in bed,

When no one else is around

The closest thing I’ve come to knowing

Is by watching the crash pad series

A Queer feminist porn site with more

Actual trans people actually fucking than

Anywhere I’ve ever seen on the internet, and

Honestly, no two videos on this site

Are alike, not even the same actors

Fucking different people. I assume if they all

Got married they’d get into a sort of a

Routine, the way good sex can end up going–

I mean, if it ain’t broke– have the same sex over and over and over and over again

Lmfao right I guess IDK people are strange

Anyway, I find it really odd

The idea of

Trans sex, having sex with

Trans people, trans people

Having sex as somehow

Different than anyone else in any way, or that it is

Some sort of activity that deserves it’s own label

“transgender sex”

Like a fetish label

Ahhhh right, fuck

I forgot

All this time being the ugliest, most boring, most

Heteronormative and snoozeworthy trans person on earth

I forgot that ya’ll call it

“Trans sex” because ya’ll whack to it

On pornos with the fucking tags and the

Fetish YOU have about trans people

There’s nothing to decode here, I’m just

Slowly waking up to the idea that

People think I’m a fetish or something

LMFAO oh my god now it’s just funny

Okay I’m officially off topic but

Again, how hilarious is it to fetishize trans people

Just go ahead and admit to yourself that

You have no idea how trans people have sex, the

EXACT SAME WAY that you have

No idea how your neighbors have sex!

Or that you have no idea

How your sister has sex.


Why the fuck would you know that!!!!

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