Sexist Bullshit

I just want to understand why it is

That transgender, the term

What it means and the associations that come with it

Are always first and foremost associated with, and


In reference to trans women,

The very people who insist

They are not men, taking

Leadership roles in a movement

They created, for the liberation

Of “all trans people—

Especially the kids!!”

But whenever an ftm perspective

Speaks out about the differences

Between being a trans woman and a trans man

He gets called a bigot idiot

Given the “bad husband” treatment

Which, in all seriousness

Is starting to feel

Exactly the same as the other sexist bullshit

I experienced as a woman.

I often feel like

I am asking for a spot at the table

Being told I’m fat, taking up

Too much of everything, only to look over

And see the exact same people feasting on

The same things they told me I was overeating—

Double-fisting narcissism with contempt

For anyone that gets in their way

Not all trans women are like this—

But I know first hand

That whenever I talk about trans issues

IRL— to cis folk or just people at the blood bank—

My words are always second, always less important

Than their trans woman friend who has

More confidence than she has trauma,

It’s always the expectation

For me to rise to her level,

Pacemakers for the community

I want to understand

What it means to be a man

In a time where men are

Pigs, thieves and traitors

All while the ones who

Embrace their feminine are somehow

Our saviors.

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