I started this whole shindig because

I was convinced, at the time at least–

That there is some sort of

Silent majority of queer folk

Who feel underrepresented

Or not represented at all.

That was before I started

Transitioning, and it was also before

I knew anything about

The “transgender community”

Which, in all honesty

Is shabby at best.

It’s not a lot different than

The bible classes I took as a kid.

A bunch of people

With a faith in an ideology

That the rest of the world

May or may not respect.

That being said–

There isn’t much that connects transgender people

Besides the doctors they see, and the surgeons

They work with only once, or perhaps

Two or three times, if things don’t go as planned, or

If things went better than expected. Anyway–

That isn’t really something

To bond over. You talk over text or email

And you honestly end up bonding more

With the surgeon than you do

The trans guy that referred you. Anyway

I have no idea what to call this group

I don’t believe in the transgender community anymore

I was like

There has to be a silent majority!!!

Just like the Trump folks, I mean–

That one was REAL, no kidding. They voted

More than ever for the recent election, even

Covid-19 mismanagement considering.

I keep waiting to find

The silent majority of queer folk

Who are sick of people

Sharing memes and selfies on tumblr

Claiming to be the essence of what makes

Queer queer, all while gatekeeping in fear.

Is it a dining room if

No one ever eats there?

Is it a community if

No one feels at home, here?



Unless you’re a social leftist progressive, you are

Completely cancelled, and yet–

All of those people are dangling on a thread

Constantly being criticized for not being

On the right side of the argument–

An argument that no one is winning.

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