Shoot For The Stars— Land Amongst The Dieters/Troll With A Headband

The most depressing and overwhelming part

Of my abusive relationship history

Is how fucking permanent it is

And how much it made me distrust

Myself, and my own instincts.

The most depressing and overwhelming part

Of fatphobia

Is that you can be a high school valedictorian

With many skills and interests that could potentially

Get you into law school, med school, technology or better—

Who is taught to hate themselves

And give up

Every. Single. Skill. You. Have.

Every interest that sparks within you

And focus

All of who and what you are

On losing weight and keeping it off.

Potentially then “helping others” do the same

It never seems to matter

That these people

Become professional dieters

Who make no money

Who are riddled with anxiety, guilt and shame

It never seems to matter

That these people

Abuse themselves and everyone around them—

It only matters

That they lost the weight !!!

Now you can start living your life again

What life will you live?

Ahhh, yes—

The one where your full time job

Is doing everything you can

To keep the weight off, and stay thin.

Why was my relationship so abusive?

She had all the ammo anyone could shoot—

And she chose to shoot.

Shoot for the stars. Land amongst the dieters—

Personally, I don’t think

Being thin

Contributes more to society

Than being a fat lawyer, doctor, or even a teacher—

Being a personal trainer

Only benefits one person, and that one person’s image

If all of her clients managed to lose the weight

It is them who did the work, not the trainer

But I doubt very much she feels this way

It’s like babysitting for people who are

Too addicted to molly

To have any remaining attention span

So instead, they just become

A troll with a headband.

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