Shun The Nonbelievers/This Is Not Occult

If a person is born female

Uses she/her pronouns

Identifies as nonbinary

Feels pressured to change pronouns due to

Nonbinary script and yet

Has no reason to use them–

Has no mixed presentation

Does not cross-present, does not

Express masculinity–

What about this person is trans besides

Their identity?

If a man

Born female

Uses he/him pronouns even before identifying as male

Stands to pee and dribbles absolutely everywhere

As a small child, has sex with

Only female partners in a way that is almost


Doesn’t cross present

Doesn’t express femininity

What about this person is trans besides

His experience?

What about the trans experience

Unites them?

What about the hysterectomy and the

Top surgery and the

Side effects of hormone therapy, what about

The dysphoria he feels between his legs what about

The existential dread he feels

About his given procreative bits

What about these experiences is shared?

The desire to change pronouns…?

Or the script

You’re all reading off of

That says

Nonbinary people are trans

Shun the nonbelievers

Here’s the deal I am both

Nonbinary as well as

The man I described

And to me, I feel as if

Nonbinary, as a label

Forces me into feminine spectrum against my will

Not because of women, or men, but because of

People. People and their rigid ideals

Their scripts they write

For the different genders

Now we have to come up with

A nonbinary script

For all the people

Who fucking hate scripts

What a load of fucking garbage

To me, the only solution

Is to acknowledge that not all non-binary people are trans.

Which I have been told condescendingly is both

Something everyone knows

And is also

Bigoted (lmfao)– see, we shouldn’t make

Distinctions between the things

That everyone already knows

Just shut your eyes

And follow the leader–

Don’t worry

This is not a cult


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